Celebrities dating older women

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Dating is not really dependent on your age. It really depends on the person you date. This is clearly seen in Hollywood today. There are many celebrities who date older women. There are also older women who are seen dating younger men. Below is list of some of the celebrities that date regardless of their age gap.

  1. Ed Weswick, 21 and Drew Barrymore, 33. The gossip girl actor was seen making out with the E.T. girl at Webster hall. There have been rumours that the two have been secretly dating. Making out in public truly proves that they are. But there are also other rumours that they were just faking it.
  2. Allan Wyse, 33 and Kim Catrall, 55. Kim Catrall is well known for her cougar role in sex in the city. In real life Kim Catrall has been dating her younger boyfriend. He is a chef and they took it to the next level when they lived with each other. Recently, there have been reports that the two already broke up.
  3. Drake, 25 and Tyra Banks, 38. Drake and the supermodel Tyra Banks have been spotted dating in Disneyland last May. Pictures of the two showed Drake was wearing a fake moustache as a disguise. Drake has been dating older women in the past. He was even caught making out with a 40-year-old woman.
  4. Nick Jonas, 18 and Delta Goodrem, 26. They make beautiful music but unfortunately they don’t make it together. They have recently announced their break-up after being a couple and dating for ten months. Both of them said that they would still be friends even after the break-up.
  5. Nick Cannon, 31 and Mariah Carey, 42. After issues about Nick Cannon dating older women like Mariah Carey, the couple got married. They even renewed their marriage vows in Paris. The two are now proud parents to their adorable little twins named Moroccan and Monroe. They also celebrated the first birthday of their twins elegantly in style.
  6. Ashton Kutcher, 34 and Demi Moore, 49. Much gossip revolves around this couple ever since they got married. They caught the paparazzi’s attention when they got married and when Demi became pregnant. Much more gossip was formulated when she had a miscarriage. The couple are now on the process of divorce but here are also rumours that they are getting back together.
  7. Gabriel Aubry, 34 and Halle Berry, 43. The actress and her French-Canadian boyfriend broke up after 5 years of being in a relationship. They have a 2 year old daughter named Nahla Ariela. They both have agreed to have equal custody over their daughter. With regards to financial matters, all Gabriel wanted was their house in Canada.
  8. John Travolta, 41 and Diana Hyland, 58. This couple has a 16-year age gap. John was 24 while Dianna was 40 years old when they started dating. Unfortunately she died of cancer at the age of 41. John loved her
  9. Aaron Johnson, 22 and Sam Taylor-Wood, 45. Although a lot of rumours about dating older women won’t work out, this couple proves that statement wrong. The film maker and the actor got married in Somerset, England. They say that they do not see the age difference and all they see is each other. They now have two daughters namely Romy and Wylda.
  10. Charlie Hill, 23 and Linda Hogan, 52. This couple’s relationship lasted for four years. They broke-up recently when they realized that they had no plans of getting into a married life. Linda is now looking for other men who are close her age.
  11. Jonathan Bricklin, 34 and Susan Sarandon, 65. Susan first met Jonathan when they hired him. During that time, she was still with Tim Robbins. Although they are keeping their dating lives a secret, there are rumours that they are getting married.
  12. Martin Mica, 27 and Sharon Stone, 54. Although Sharon stone was twice his age, they still enjoyed each other’s company. They were once caught having fun and kissing at the beach. They have been dating for less than a month right now.
  13. Reza Jarrahy, 41 and Geena Davis, 56. Reza Jarrahy is a plastic surgeon who has been married to Geena Davis since 2001. Although this couple has 15 years between them, they still manage to live together peacefully.  They are busy raising their three children. Geena has now devoted her time in being a full time mom.


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