Battle of the Sexes and Ages: What does Society Think?

Battle of the Sexes and Ages: What does Society Think?

datingolderwomen Battle of the Sexes and Ages: What does Society Think?There are so many unusual relationships nowadays. There are those cougar relationships where younger men dating older women come in. Some women reach a certain age where they find that men their own age or older are too old for them, so they find someone younger because these cougars want to have fun, feel young, try something new, and are passionate and want to experience being in a relationship and having sex with younger men. There are also those relationships where older men are dating younger women with a shockingly huge age gap. Men usually look for younger women because they also want to feel young, have fun and experience life, especially sex, with a younger woman. What is the view of society on these kinds of relationships? Here are a few insights.

Dating Older Women Make Them Cougars

The term that people use to describe a relationship where young men are dating older women is “cougar”. Cougars are usually referred to the women in the relationship. Older men, on the other hand, who date younger women, are called “wolf”, “dirty old man” and “pervert”. Which one is a more appealing term? Cougar obviously is. Therefore, this means that society looks down more on the relationships between an old man and a young woman, and that society accepts cougar relationships more. Why? When one looks at a relationship between an older woman and a younger man, they don’t necessarily think that the relationship is fake, in the sense that the older woman is using the younger man or the younger man is using the older woman. Some cougar relationships actually have true love.

Society’s Views On Younger Men Dating Older Women

Society regularly has negative views and insights on relationships between an older man and a younger woman, because one popular reason why these kinds of relationship exist is because the younger woman is just using and abusing the older man for his fame and fortune. On the older man’s side, they usually go for a younger woman because of their addiction to sex. Men are known for being more sexual and more addicted to sex, that once they feel they are being neglected and unwanted by their wives, they immediately go and find other women to play around with, mostly younger ones. Most people see this kind of relationship as “disgusting”.

However, there are those relationships that actually do work out and that actually revolve around love and not like the “pervert” or “cougar” type.

Successful Hollywood Relationships/Marriages

Here are some Hollywood marriages that have these kinds of relationships but they are actually happy and content because of love, and nothing else:

  1. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones – Michael is older than Catherine by 25 years, but they are both happily married and have been for a long time. Their relationship is one of Hollywood’s strongest couples.
  2. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey – Mariah is older than Nick by 11 years, but they truly love each other, which is why they got married after just a few months of dating. They have now celebrated three years of marriage, and have been blessed with a beautiful set of twins.
  3. René Angelil and Céline Dion – René is 26 years older than Céline. They met when Céline was only 12, and René was 38. He started out as her manager, before becoming her love interest. They got married in 1994 and now have three children. Their relationship is also one of Hollywood’s strongest.
  4. Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness – Deborra is 14 years older than Hugh Jackman. They met in 1995, and got married a year after. Despite their huge age gap, these two have been successfully married for a long time and are also one of Hollywood’s strongest couples.

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