Common Problems in May-December Romances

Common Problems in May-December Romances

datingolderwomen  Common Problems in May December Romances

What Is A May-December Romance?

A May-December romance is defined as a relationship between two people with a huge age difference. May-December romances include younger men dating older women, older men dating younger women, and may also include transgender relationships, such as gays and lesbians, where one is much older than the other.

Some are actually serious

Some May-December relationships are really serious and full of commitment, while there are others that simply exist just for the fun of it.  There are also those relationships where they work out and are successful in the long run, because they are meant to be, despite what society thinks of them, while there are those that, despite being a real, committed relationship, have failed due to several reasons, like being insecure, and getting affected by society’s views on these kinds of relationships.


Here are the problems that many May-December romances experience:

  1. Public – A lot of people are very, very interested in these kinds of relationships, so interested, in fact, that even movies are made surrounding May-December romances. The reason why people take an interest and are often disturbed with these kinds of affairs is because they usually compare them to the standard and quality of their own relationships, thinking that their own relationships are the normal and correct, right way. This then causes a lot of people to act rude and generate negative comments at couples that have large age differences. Another problem with the rude comments that people make is that not all May-December romances are full of play and fun and no seriousness at all. There are those that are actually serious and were meant to be. It’s not fair that just because one is much older than the other that criticizers can make hurtful comments about them. Whatever happened to “love knows no boundaries”? If they are truly in love and have done nothing wrong, then people shouldn’t be judging them.
  2. Family – The younger people in these relationships usually find it weird when they are the same age as their stepsons and daughters, maybe even older than them. Your partner’s kids may also find it a bit strange, as well as your partner’s parents and other relatives, and maybe even your own. Another reason why family issues are a common problem with these types of relationships, is because parents and other family members may not approve of the age gap, because a common thought that comes to mind with these kinds of relationships are that these two people are only together for wealth, completely ignoring the fact that they could actually really be in love.
  3. Gossip – As previously mentioned above, a lot of people are going to be commonly saying about couples in these May-December romances that the younger woman is only in the relationship for the older man’s wealth. In the case for younger men in the relationship, people will also assume the same thing, as well as they are also only in the relationship due to their sexual desires, because no one will understand why a young man would want to be with a wrinkly, old woman. Couples may laugh off rumors, but some do get tired of the constant gossip because unfortunately, gossip never dies.
  4. The past – Everyone has their past lovers. For the older ones in the relationship, they most likely would also have had previous husbands or wives who they have left to be with younger people. These cases are true for some people. So, one unfortunate day, someone might come knocking at the door of the younger one in the relationship and start to call him/her a home wrecker.

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