How to Attract Older Women

How to Attract Older Women

datingolderwomen How to Attract Older Women

Dating older women is not a problem

Younger men dating older women isn’t a problem, especially in this century, because a lot of couples have done it and are currently experiencing that kind of relationship.

You Should Know How To Attract One First

So, if you are young guy, and you want to experience dating older women, you must first know how to attract one. Attracting older women may sometimes be hard, but since you are young, you might have plus points with some of them.


Here are a few tips on how to successfully attract older women:

  1. Approach her properly. You should know how to approach an older woman. It is easier to make conversation with a girl just a year older than you, than with a girl a decade older than you. You just have to be fun and entertaining. However, you must avoid your teenager, young man stereotypes.
  2. Use your eyes. Women are known to get “hypnotized” by a man’s eyes, especially younger ones. Stare deeply and longingly into the woman’s eyes.
  3. Try making her laugh every once in a while. Women like guys who have a sense of humor. However, don’t make any age jokes. Women are sensitive when it comes to age. If you are concerned about the age gap, directly talk to her about it. If she likes you, she won’t mind the age gap.
  4. Compliment her secretly. You have to check first if the woman you want to attract will be attracted to you too, and is also looking for a young partner. Show some respect, and then secretly slide in a compliment. If she is interested in you, she’ll play along with your flirting. However, you must stay away from compliments that compare her to younger women. You should be very careful of what you say, so you better think before you speak, because this is an older women you’re trying to flirt with, and not a woman your own age, or younger than you. Never say “you look great for your age!” Come up with something unique and safe.
  5. Be a gentleman to her. Let her talk, and listen to her attentively. This will make her feel respected and appreciated, showing her that you are seriously interested in her. Ask questions – anything you could possibly want to know about her. Spoil her with your questions as it will flatter her. Another way that you could be a gentleman is by, of course, doing the old-fashioned way of opening the door for her, whether it’s an entrance or an exit door, or the door to her car or taxi.
  6. Be confident. If she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t have maintained the conversation with you, so there’s also a chance that she’s flirting back at you.
  7. Ask her what her interests are. Obviously, they will be different from the interests of girls that are younger, so don’t be shocked if you didn’t expect her interests to be what they are. Show an interest in her interests. For example, if she likes classic music, ask her who her favorite classical artists are, and if she could recommend some. This could be future reference for you in case there is a classical concert in town. This will be your chance to surprise her and take her out on a romantic date if things go well with you in the future. If you don’t want to explore the things that she are interested in, then you are not suited to have a relationship with older women, because it’s natural that they have very different interests. But haven’t you ever heard of “opposites attract”?

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