How to Make a May-December Romance Work

How to Make a May-December Romance Work

datingolderwomen How to Make a May December Romance WorkWhat exactly is the “May-December” romance, and why is it called that? Here’s your answer.

What Is A May-December Romance?

A “May-December” romance is when a couple has a large age difference. It could be younger men dating older women or older men dating younger women. These kind of relationships are called the “May-December” romance because “May” refers to the younger person in the relationship, being in the “spring” of his/her life, while “December” refers to the older person in the relationship, who’s in the “winter” of his/her life.

There is a game, kind of like a mini trivia or quiz, to find out whether the age gap between two people in love is socially acceptable. This game uses math. Divide the older person’s age by 2, and then add 7 to the answer. If the younger person’s age is greater than or equal to the final answer, then the age difference is socially acceptable (according to the game).

For example:

The older person’s age is 50, while the younger person’s age is 30. First, divide 50 by 2 (50/2 = 25), and then add 7 to the answer (25 + 7 = 32). The younger person’s age is 30, which is less than the final answer, which is 32, so the relationship doesn’t pass and is not acceptable in society (according to the game).

Note that this game doesn’t determine the future of a May-December romance. It’s just there for a little fun and excitement, and perhaps disappointment for those whose results end up being a failure, but don’t fret. Mathematics can’t make a relationship work (despite the fact that there are so many comparisons and similarities made between Math and Love, which a lot of people should be aware of), it should be the two people involved in the relationship that should make an effort to have a successful relationship despite their odds and differences.


Here are some tips on how to have a successful “May-December” relationship:

  1. First, you must accept the reality that there will always be significant age difference between you two, so age will sometimes get in the way of things that either one of you would want to do. There will always be a difference in interest, for example, the younger person in the relationship will sometimes want to do younger, youthful things, while the older person may also want to do more mature and serious activities, and the significant other may not approve because it’s something they aren’t interested in and don’t want to do. The only solution here is to accept and embrace your differences, plus be open to changes. Every relationship has its differences, but if you truly love your partner, you will learn to embrace the differences between the two of you. Also, do not be afraid to compromise. Work something out between the both of you, so that you can both enjoy the activities you like to do.
  2. Just be yourself. Both of you must remember that you fell in love with your significant other because of who he/she is, so don’t even think about changing yourself because there is a certain quality about you that the other one liked and that is why they fell in love with you. However, if you are the older person in the relationship, avoid being bossy, because that is what older people tend to do. If you are the younger one, don’t make yourself look and/or act old just to make yourself relatable to your partner, but also don’t be immature and childish. Both of you should learn to compromise, and relationships should be a “give and take” one, because a relationship involves two people, therefore, it should be a two-way street, and not just one. Learn to compromise.
  3. Do not be insecure. Relationships of all kinds experience and go through several emotions including jealousy, anger, selfishness, etc. Ignore these emotions. A relationship should have trust, faith and a real commitment. Meaning, trust and commitment are another two-way street. If you want to gain trust from your partner, then you need to be committed and 100% faithful.
  4. Communication is important at all times. Relationships, especially intimate ones, are nothing without proper communication. If you are happy, tell your partner. If you are worried about something, or you have a problem, tell your partner. Don’t hide anything from your significant other. Be open at all times to one another. Communication is another two-way process.


You are reading this article because you want your relationship to work, correct? Dating older women or younger women has never been easy. In fact, relationships in general aren’t easy if neither one of you are willing to make it work. Therefore, if you want to make your relationship work and be successful in the long run, then you need to do and follow everything this article says.

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