Five Disadvantages To Younger Men Dating Older Women

kiss of love. thumb23003649 Five Disadvantages To Younger Men Dating Older WomenWomen today have programmed themselves with a masculine take on life, so much so that they have fearlessly dominated the world. We’ve got a lot impressive public officials, entrepreneurs, scientists, and athletes who are women. Which is why it is not at all that surprising for them to have reversed the age old belief of male-domination. Even in relationships, women have managed to abolish the patriarchal belief, throwing off standard dynamics with the substantial quantity of younger men dating older women. Now, although these might have some positive implications to the female and male gender, there are few criticisms traditionalists point out about the partnership.


One, it does not actually give women an advantage. Sure, their age may translate as an asset when they are dating someone their junior. But in the long run, that would eventually become a disability since they can’t hamper the process and renew themselves. Men are not the type who’d rush to settle down when they are in their 20’s even if they are dating older women seriously. So women will have to squander their viable years away without guarantee of a formal commitment. This would have been acceptable if not for the fact that men’s taste tend to shift from an appreciation of wisdom to youthful exuberance as they mature. As a result, older women will ultimately just end up becoming just a rite of passage and not the end goal.


Second, it does not allow those involved to grow into the relationship as equals. The same as with older men dating younger women, younger men dating older women will not give the couple a chance to prove themselves out of the stereotype, which brings us to the third downside – public acceptance.


Society’s disapproval of the May-December love affair is palpable, despite its prevalence. People think about the age difference and cringe at the thought of one party being under aged while the other was 18 years old. In extreme situations, it can be considered as pedophilia. And even if it is the women now who are claiming younger partners, there is still very little change on public perception.


The fourth disadvantage of dating older women is fertility. For some men, this is a plus because they do not have to worry about accidental pregnancies. But looking forward, how will they be able to start a family if the woman they pair up with is unable to give them children? This is definitely a deal breaker when it comes to long term commitment. And as highlighted in the first weakness, more or less, men will eventually let go of their older girlfriends and trade them in for younger ones who can give them the family life they want.


Lastly, one big downside to dating older women is the generation gap. Nine out of ten, a younger man and an older woman will have relatively nothing in common. Since they have all the experience they need, younger men cannot expect their older partners to partake in adventures and activities they’d like to be included in. And given the fact that they do not have the background to provide sound insight, older women generally have lesser reason to engage in deep, meaningful conversations with their younger consorts. It will take a lot of hard work and adjustment to make both ends meet and work out.


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