Five Reasons Why Dating Older Women Is Better

blond older woman holding lots of gems thumb8551133 Five Reasons Why Dating Older Women Is BetterIt all started with Mrs. Robinson in the movie The Graduate. And then characters like Samantha and Jules Cobb were created by Hollywood to establish the viability of dating older women. A traditional person would initially beg to question how beneficial it is for any smart, physically attractive, successful young man to choose someone that is a generation older than he is. But survey has stated that 34% of women around the world are into dating someone their junior, especially when they are already in their 40s. Men have raised a number of reasons for this epidemic, highlighting five things as one of their main turn-ons. If you have been living under a rock for some time and are curious about the pros of younger men dating older women, here are some things you ought to know about.


a. Mature women are experienced in bed. An unprecedented 89% have pointed out their main reason for dating older women is their sexual prowess. Younger women are more reserved and close-minded about sex. Those who have reached their prime have more intense sexual fantasies and have more sexual escapades than that of women under 26 years old. And since they are more easily satisfied than that of a younger body, men find it gratifying to please older women in bed, rather than compete with a younger version.


b. Mature women are more confident about themselves. Most of those who are in their late adulthood already know themselves, have a great career and are quite capable of adapting to stress. They have fewer hang ups when it comes to their physical form or their social status and a strong sense of what they want and how to get it. They can also carry themselves with dignity and are not prone to immature relationship games. These are characteristics seldom found in a woman who is 20 years of age, who have so very little background with men. So they are quite a handful to deal with as compared to dating older women.


c. Mature women have their own money. They are not the type who demands to be pampered. So a man does not have to run himself bankrupt trying to impress them. And as Jennifer Lopez has so clearly displayed with her boy toy, Casper Smart, women of a certain age are more open to the idea of taking care of their man than having them do the opposite.


d. Mature women are not clingy. They are emotionally independent and can handle life with or without a man by their side. This is a stark contradiction with their younger counterparts who are desperately attached to the hip of the men they are dating. Young men actually find this indifference quiet relieving since they can freely pursue their own preferences and explore their freedom without the relationship they’ve established being put into jeopardy.


e. Lastly, mature women are more nurturing. Older women have motherly qualities about them that just make men feel safe and loved. More than just providing for men financially, those who are over 40 are also quite generous when it comes to compassion and wisdom. They try to guide the young men they are dating to the right path and help them through those critical moments.


It is because of these and more that younger men dating older women are now prevalently practiced around the world.


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