Four Tips For Younger Men Dating Older Women

6973239438 d93f78541a Four Tips For Younger Men Dating Older WomenDating older women seem to be the foremost relationship trend of the 21st century with Nick Cannon marrying Mariah Carey and Casper Smart dating JLo. But as much as it is popular, not a lot of men actually end up with the same fortunate fate in landing a cougar. Just like the animal they are compared to, mature women are cunning and agile. They are neither easily trapped nor impressed. If you wish to be among those younger men dating older women, here are some tips you should pay attention to.

a. Be confident. Older women are more experienced and they probably are more accomplished too. So if you are to approach them, be comfortable with who you are and what you can offer. Don’t worry about your financial status or professional background because that will not matter to her as much. You’d have a better shot at getting her to date you if you highlight your youthful exuberance and hunger for life. But at the same time, you should be able to exude a sense of self-awareness and poise that would complement hers in a social setting. That should make up for interesting rendezvous which should lead you to a more exclusive arrangement.

b. Avoid immature behaviour. When you are dating older women, you should check manipulation and tantrums out the door. There’s no room for such childish tendencies in a serious relationship with them. Mature women do not have those emotional issues anymore. They know who they are and are confident about getting what they want. If you find yourself in disagreement of the direction your partner is taking, you can’t expect silent treatment would make her change her mind. It’s all about being open-minded and civil – talking about your problems and coming up with compromises – instead of initiating a power struggle. And to get you one step further into accomplishing your goal, update yourself on matters that would be along her lane so you’d have something to engage her with when you’re on your own.

c. Don’t fight the boy toy status. You’re always going to have that reputation as the rest of the younger men dating older women had. Yes, it may seem rather unnerving. But if you are really want your target dame to feel secure about being in a relationship with you, you need to show her that you are not threatened by what the public’s perception may be. There are a lot of perks to the name anyways, so it shouldn’t be so bad.

d. Don’t start asking her to be young. Level with her. She’s not going to compete with your energy level. If you want to share your interests with her, do it slowly. That way, she’s not overwhelmed. She may exercise regularly and have a lust for adventure. But her body can only do so much at a certain age. So don’t push her to be anything or do anything that is out of her comfort zone. That might just endanger your dating situation.

These are just a few guidelines you can use. There are a number more posted on the web you can reference to, books you can read and people you can question to ensure success. Just take note that relationships, whether with a young hot blonde or a spicy mature brunette, are one and the same. Without putting in work, you will not be able to make it last.

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