Younger Men Dating Older Women: What Ladies Can Expect Out Of Their Young Suitors

2979783637 dfd75b8436 Younger Men Dating Older Women: What Ladies Can Expect Out Of Their Young SuitorsMay-December love affairs may still not appear as a socially appealing union. But it has caught up quite extensively in different demographics. Men have boldly dominated it for years. But today, even women have opened themselves up to the idea and started claiming younger partners for sport or serious commitments. It may not seem like a viable idea at first. But there have been numerous positive feedbacks about being with a young man who’s into dating older women. If you are curious yourself of the truth, here are some facts you might want to wrap your head around.

First of all, a lot of women have commended younger men in the sack. They tend to be more enthusiastic when it comes to sex, eager to please and usually not as boring. Having a youthful stamina helps. But what women like most about young men is that they follow instructions. They will make love to you the exact way you like it and will not give up until you are fully satisfied. This is something a lot of those who have been with same-aged partners have said to be lacking.

Second, younger men dating older women tend to be really sweet and respectful. They don’t compete. And they rarely assert authority. This is something most women find difficult to achieve when dating someone their own age or senior. See, mature men tend to be dominant and self-assured. Since they’ve achieved so many things in live, they have a tendency to be full of themselves. Men in their 20s are still innocent about gender wars and do not have anything to prove. They’re out to have a good time, to explore opportunities, and to figure out what they want to do. So they would be more than willing to serve the needs of their older consorts; sit back and relax while they run the show.

Third, younger men are more diligent when it comes to making and honouring commitments. If you give them an instruction or ask them to improve themselves, they would not hesitate to deliver. Young men are always up for a challenge and they never give up. With older men, you get reasons and excuses. And if you do something for them, they tend to underappreciate. We women like to be heard. And we like our efforts to be noticed. These are two things you can expect to experience better when you go out with a guy who likes dating older women.

Lastly, women who have dated younger men have highlighted renewed perceptions as one of their most treasured rewards from the experience. Many of those who have gone through a May-December relationship have stated that being with someone who saw things differently gave them the ability to discover other facets of life and challenge their limits. People of the same age tend to think similarly and have congruent insecurities and beliefs. Mingling one generation’s point view with another gives both parties greater awareness of their environment – something that’s uniquely harnessed from the circumstance where younger man are dating older women.

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Four Tips For Younger Men Dating Older Women

6973239438 d93f78541a Four Tips For Younger Men Dating Older WomenDating older women seem to be the foremost relationship trend of the 21st century with Nick Cannon marrying Mariah Carey and Casper Smart dating JLo. But as much as it is popular, not a lot of men actually end up with the same fortunate fate in landing a cougar. Just like the animal they are compared to, mature women are cunning and agile. They are neither easily trapped nor impressed. If you wish to be among those younger men dating older women, here are some tips you should pay attention to.

a. Be confident. Older women are more experienced and they probably are more accomplished too. So if you are to approach them, be comfortable with who you are and what you can offer. Don’t worry about your financial status or professional background because that will not matter to her as much. You’d have a better shot at getting her to date you if you highlight your youthful exuberance and hunger for life. But at the same time, you should be able to exude a sense of self-awareness and poise that would complement hers in a social setting. That should make up for interesting rendezvous which should lead you to a more exclusive arrangement.

b. Avoid immature behaviour. When you are dating older women, you should check manipulation and tantrums out the door. There’s no room for such childish tendencies in a serious relationship with them. Mature women do not have those emotional issues anymore. They know who they are and are confident about getting what they want. If you find yourself in disagreement of the direction your partner is taking, you can’t expect silent treatment would make her change her mind. It’s all about being open-minded and civil – talking about your problems and coming up with compromises – instead of initiating a power struggle. And to get you one step further into accomplishing your goal, update yourself on matters that would be along her lane so you’d have something to engage her with when you’re on your own.

c. Don’t fight the boy toy status. You’re always going to have that reputation as the rest of the younger men dating older women had. Yes, it may seem rather unnerving. But if you are really want your target dame to feel secure about being in a relationship with you, you need to show her that you are not threatened by what the public’s perception may be. There are a lot of perks to the name anyways, so it shouldn’t be so bad.

d. Don’t start asking her to be young. Level with her. She’s not going to compete with your energy level. If you want to share your interests with her, do it slowly. That way, she’s not overwhelmed. She may exercise regularly and have a lust for adventure. But her body can only do so much at a certain age. So don’t push her to be anything or do anything that is out of her comfort zone. That might just endanger your dating situation.

These are just a few guidelines you can use. There are a number more posted on the web you can reference to, books you can read and people you can question to ensure success. Just take note that relationships, whether with a young hot blonde or a spicy mature brunette, are one and the same. Without putting in work, you will not be able to make it last.

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Tips for Guys Dating Older Women

Tips for Guys Dating Older Women

datingolderwomen Tips for Guys Dating Older WomenIntroduction

Younger men dating older women are no longer an issue in today’s society, than it would have been more than 20 years ago. A lot of people, including celebrities, are now experiencing being in a cougar relationship. Older women like younger men because they are more fun and are less demanding and clingy compared to older men. However, respect, compatibility and communication are still important factors in a relationship because this is still a woman you are dating, despite of the age gap. Age is just a number after all. Dating older women will take some adjusting for the guy, as it is more common for men to date girls younger than them, but closer to their age.

Tips for Men

Here are some tips for guys to maintain a successful relationship with their older counterpart.

  1. Do not let the woman’s success get in the way of your relationship. It is usually the guy who should be the breadwinner, but because you are dating an older woman, it is normal and expected that she is more successful in life than you are. This is a fact that you have to live with, so don’t be disturbed, offended, or let your pride and ego get in the way because you chose to be with a woman older than you.
  2. It is normal that the woman in your relationship has more experience than you, so, she obviously will have more knowledge about you, and will also be more wise and mature. However, do not take this against her. You chose to love an older woman, therefore, you still have to cherish, love and respect her like you should. Do not tease her about her age. If you were just going to tease your girlfriend due to her old age, then you shouldn’t have fallen for a cougar in the first place.
  3. Women are sensitive when it comes to age. If you truly love and care for her, you will not notice the age too much that it becomes a problem in your relationship. If you really love her, you will see her beauty that no one else sees; therefore, you should compliment her and make her feel young. However, do not bother feeding her with compliments, let alone prolong your relationship with her if you can’t be truthful to her.
  4. Do not be childish. Do not be concerned about your age, because the woman is also aware of the age gap, so if it doesn’t bother her, then it shouldn’t bother you. If she chose you, then it’s because she liked something about you, and it definitely won’t be your immatureness. You can bring out the youth in your older girlfriend, but you should not bring out the little boy in you, because that is a turn off, no matter how old your girlfriend is. You should just be your fun self that made her fall in love with you. Just leave out the immature act. However, she may also have chosen you because she wants to feel young again. You can make her feel young again without having to be immature and childish. Doing so might be a little bit too over the top. Also, it’s not proper etiquette.


She still has feelings. She may be older, but she is still a woman and a girl in her own right and girls are more vulnerable when it comes to feelings. She might not be as obsessive and dramatic as younger girls may be sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect her feelings.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Younger Men Dating Older Women

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Younger Men Dating Older Women

datingolderwomen The Advantages and Disadvantages of Younger Men Dating Older WomenMen dating younger women have been a trend and a usual thing for decades, and it still is famous nowadays. However, this normal relationship is not the only trend happening today. Younger men dating older women have also now made its way into the list of relationship styles. Celebrities have experienced being in a cougar relationship, and now a lot of other people are willing to try it too.

Dating Older Women | Hollywood

Some of Hollywood’s famous cougar relationships consist of:

  1. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher – She is 15 years his junior. They have been together for a long time now, and although they managed to squash rumors of their marriage not working out, the rumors did come true recently, due to Ashton’s cheating scandals.
  2. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon – She is 11 years his junior. They got married after only a few months of being in a relationship. However, their relationship seems to be going well nowadays since they just recently celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary and have been blessed with two wonderful twins.
  3. Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman – She is 14 years his junior. They met in 1995, and despite their huge age difference, they showed that age is just a number by getting married a year after they met. Now, the two are one of Hollywood’s strongest couples.

Some cougar relationships successfully work out, while some do not. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a cougar relationship.

The Advantages

  1. Older women aren’t looking for a relationship where they can get married again and settle down, especially when they have had previous marriages that have failed continuously. Some men enjoy dating older women because they are either afraid of commitment or just want to have fun, or they just want to be practical rather than doing and following the normal routine.
  2. Older women are more financially stable. Most men have the fear of being committed in a relationship due to the fact that girls and younger women are very high maintenance and usually request for a lot of things, therefore costing the man a lot of money to spend. However, in the case of younger men dating older women, the women in the relationship are more financially stable; therefore, men can depend on their girlfriends for once, not having to spend all the time. Older women are also better in financial management and can help their younger boyfriends with their budget too.
  3. Younger men obviously still have a lot of energy for sex. This is what a lot of older women look for and somehow can’t live without, because older men don’t have the capability anymore to do so when they reach a certain age.

The Disadvantages

  1. Children – If older women have children from a previous marriage or relationship, will their younger boyfriends be able to handle the idea of being the “father figure” to their girlfriend’s children who are most likely going to be the same age as them? Also, everyone does grow up eventually, therefore, what will happen when men want to have children of their own but can’t fulfill that dream due to the fact that their girlfriend has already been through menopause?
  2. The Golden Years – As previously mentioned above, everyone grows up. What will happen when the older woman reaches the golden age of 60, have wrinkles and become incapable of having sex?
  3. Is this your mother? – Isn’t it embarrassing when men are out on a date with their older girls, and a friend or acquaintance comes and asks, “So, this is your mother?” What happens now?

How to Make a May-December Romance Work

How to Make a May-December Romance Work

datingolderwomen How to Make a May December Romance WorkWhat exactly is the “May-December” romance, and why is it called that? Here’s your answer.

What Is A May-December Romance?

A “May-December” romance is when a couple has a large age difference. It could be younger men dating older women or older men dating younger women. These kind of relationships are called the “May-December” romance because “May” refers to the younger person in the relationship, being in the “spring” of his/her life, while “December” refers to the older person in the relationship, who’s in the “winter” of his/her life.

There is a game, kind of like a mini trivia or quiz, to find out whether the age gap between two people in love is socially acceptable. This game uses math. Divide the older person’s age by 2, and then add 7 to the answer. If the younger person’s age is greater than or equal to the final answer, then the age difference is socially acceptable (according to the game).

For example:

The older person’s age is 50, while the younger person’s age is 30. First, divide 50 by 2 (50/2 = 25), and then add 7 to the answer (25 + 7 = 32). The younger person’s age is 30, which is less than the final answer, which is 32, so the relationship doesn’t pass and is not acceptable in society (according to the game).

Note that this game doesn’t determine the future of a May-December romance. It’s just there for a little fun and excitement, and perhaps disappointment for those whose results end up being a failure, but don’t fret. Mathematics can’t make a relationship work (despite the fact that there are so many comparisons and similarities made between Math and Love, which a lot of people should be aware of), it should be the two people involved in the relationship that should make an effort to have a successful relationship despite their odds and differences.


Here are some tips on how to have a successful “May-December” relationship:

  1. First, you must accept the reality that there will always be significant age difference between you two, so age will sometimes get in the way of things that either one of you would want to do. There will always be a difference in interest, for example, the younger person in the relationship will sometimes want to do younger, youthful things, while the older person may also want to do more mature and serious activities, and the significant other may not approve because it’s something they aren’t interested in and don’t want to do. The only solution here is to accept and embrace your differences, plus be open to changes. Every relationship has its differences, but if you truly love your partner, you will learn to embrace the differences between the two of you. Also, do not be afraid to compromise. Work something out between the both of you, so that you can both enjoy the activities you like to do.
  2. Just be yourself. Both of you must remember that you fell in love with your significant other because of who he/she is, so don’t even think about changing yourself because there is a certain quality about you that the other one liked and that is why they fell in love with you. However, if you are the older person in the relationship, avoid being bossy, because that is what older people tend to do. If you are the younger one, don’t make yourself look and/or act old just to make yourself relatable to your partner, but also don’t be immature and childish. Both of you should learn to compromise, and relationships should be a “give and take” one, because a relationship involves two people, therefore, it should be a two-way street, and not just one. Learn to compromise.
  3. Do not be insecure. Relationships of all kinds experience and go through several emotions including jealousy, anger, selfishness, etc. Ignore these emotions. A relationship should have trust, faith and a real commitment. Meaning, trust and commitment are another two-way street. If you want to gain trust from your partner, then you need to be committed and 100% faithful.
  4. Communication is important at all times. Relationships, especially intimate ones, are nothing without proper communication. If you are happy, tell your partner. If you are worried about something, or you have a problem, tell your partner. Don’t hide anything from your significant other. Be open at all times to one another. Communication is another two-way process.


You are reading this article because you want your relationship to work, correct? Dating older women or younger women has never been easy. In fact, relationships in general aren’t easy if neither one of you are willing to make it work. Therefore, if you want to make your relationship work and be successful in the long run, then you need to do and follow everything this article says.

How to Attract Older Women

How to Attract Older Women

datingolderwomen How to Attract Older Women

Dating older women is not a problem

Younger men dating older women isn’t a problem, especially in this century, because a lot of couples have done it and are currently experiencing that kind of relationship.

You Should Know How To Attract One First

So, if you are young guy, and you want to experience dating older women, you must first know how to attract one. Attracting older women may sometimes be hard, but since you are young, you might have plus points with some of them.


Here are a few tips on how to successfully attract older women:

  1. Approach her properly. You should know how to approach an older woman. It is easier to make conversation with a girl just a year older than you, than with a girl a decade older than you. You just have to be fun and entertaining. However, you must avoid your teenager, young man stereotypes.
  2. Use your eyes. Women are known to get “hypnotized” by a man’s eyes, especially younger ones. Stare deeply and longingly into the woman’s eyes.
  3. Try making her laugh every once in a while. Women like guys who have a sense of humor. However, don’t make any age jokes. Women are sensitive when it comes to age. If you are concerned about the age gap, directly talk to her about it. If she likes you, she won’t mind the age gap.
  4. Compliment her secretly. You have to check first if the woman you want to attract will be attracted to you too, and is also looking for a young partner. Show some respect, and then secretly slide in a compliment. If she is interested in you, she’ll play along with your flirting. However, you must stay away from compliments that compare her to younger women. You should be very careful of what you say, so you better think before you speak, because this is an older women you’re trying to flirt with, and not a woman your own age, or younger than you. Never say “you look great for your age!” Come up with something unique and safe.
  5. Be a gentleman to her. Let her talk, and listen to her attentively. This will make her feel respected and appreciated, showing her that you are seriously interested in her. Ask questions – anything you could possibly want to know about her. Spoil her with your questions as it will flatter her. Another way that you could be a gentleman is by, of course, doing the old-fashioned way of opening the door for her, whether it’s an entrance or an exit door, or the door to her car or taxi.
  6. Be confident. If she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t have maintained the conversation with you, so there’s also a chance that she’s flirting back at you.
  7. Ask her what her interests are. Obviously, they will be different from the interests of girls that are younger, so don’t be shocked if you didn’t expect her interests to be what they are. Show an interest in her interests. For example, if she likes classic music, ask her who her favorite classical artists are, and if she could recommend some. This could be future reference for you in case there is a classical concert in town. This will be your chance to surprise her and take her out on a romantic date if things go well with you in the future. If you don’t want to explore the things that she are interested in, then you are not suited to have a relationship with older women, because it’s natural that they have very different interests. But haven’t you ever heard of “opposites attract”?

Common Problems in May-December Romances

Common Problems in May-December Romances

datingolderwomen  Common Problems in May December Romances

What Is A May-December Romance?

A May-December romance is defined as a relationship between two people with a huge age difference. May-December romances include younger men dating older women, older men dating younger women, and may also include transgender relationships, such as gays and lesbians, where one is much older than the other.

Some are actually serious

Some May-December relationships are really serious and full of commitment, while there are others that simply exist just for the fun of it.  There are also those relationships where they work out and are successful in the long run, because they are meant to be, despite what society thinks of them, while there are those that, despite being a real, committed relationship, have failed due to several reasons, like being insecure, and getting affected by society’s views on these kinds of relationships.


Here are the problems that many May-December romances experience:

  1. Public – A lot of people are very, very interested in these kinds of relationships, so interested, in fact, that even movies are made surrounding May-December romances. The reason why people take an interest and are often disturbed with these kinds of affairs is because they usually compare them to the standard and quality of their own relationships, thinking that their own relationships are the normal and correct, right way. This then causes a lot of people to act rude and generate negative comments at couples that have large age differences. Another problem with the rude comments that people make is that not all May-December romances are full of play and fun and no seriousness at all. There are those that are actually serious and were meant to be. It’s not fair that just because one is much older than the other that criticizers can make hurtful comments about them. Whatever happened to “love knows no boundaries”? If they are truly in love and have done nothing wrong, then people shouldn’t be judging them.
  2. Family – The younger people in these relationships usually find it weird when they are the same age as their stepsons and daughters, maybe even older than them. Your partner’s kids may also find it a bit strange, as well as your partner’s parents and other relatives, and maybe even your own. Another reason why family issues are a common problem with these types of relationships, is because parents and other family members may not approve of the age gap, because a common thought that comes to mind with these kinds of relationships are that these two people are only together for wealth, completely ignoring the fact that they could actually really be in love.
  3. Gossip – As previously mentioned above, a lot of people are going to be commonly saying about couples in these May-December romances that the younger woman is only in the relationship for the older man’s wealth. In the case for younger men in the relationship, people will also assume the same thing, as well as they are also only in the relationship due to their sexual desires, because no one will understand why a young man would want to be with a wrinkly, old woman. Couples may laugh off rumors, but some do get tired of the constant gossip because unfortunately, gossip never dies.
  4. The past – Everyone has their past lovers. For the older ones in the relationship, they most likely would also have had previous husbands or wives who they have left to be with younger people. These cases are true for some people. So, one unfortunate day, someone might come knocking at the door of the younger one in the relationship and start to call him/her a home wrecker.

Battle of the Sexes and Ages: What does Society Think?

Battle of the Sexes and Ages: What does Society Think?

datingolderwomen Battle of the Sexes and Ages: What does Society Think?There are so many unusual relationships nowadays. There are those cougar relationships where younger men dating older women come in. Some women reach a certain age where they find that men their own age or older are too old for them, so they find someone younger because these cougars want to have fun, feel young, try something new, and are passionate and want to experience being in a relationship and having sex with younger men. There are also those relationships where older men are dating younger women with a shockingly huge age gap. Men usually look for younger women because they also want to feel young, have fun and experience life, especially sex, with a younger woman. What is the view of society on these kinds of relationships? Here are a few insights.

Dating Older Women Make Them Cougars

The term that people use to describe a relationship where young men are dating older women is “cougar”. Cougars are usually referred to the women in the relationship. Older men, on the other hand, who date younger women, are called “wolf”, “dirty old man” and “pervert”. Which one is a more appealing term? Cougar obviously is. Therefore, this means that society looks down more on the relationships between an old man and a young woman, and that society accepts cougar relationships more. Why? When one looks at a relationship between an older woman and a younger man, they don’t necessarily think that the relationship is fake, in the sense that the older woman is using the younger man or the younger man is using the older woman. Some cougar relationships actually have true love.

Society’s Views On Younger Men Dating Older Women

Society regularly has negative views and insights on relationships between an older man and a younger woman, because one popular reason why these kinds of relationship exist is because the younger woman is just using and abusing the older man for his fame and fortune. On the older man’s side, they usually go for a younger woman because of their addiction to sex. Men are known for being more sexual and more addicted to sex, that once they feel they are being neglected and unwanted by their wives, they immediately go and find other women to play around with, mostly younger ones. Most people see this kind of relationship as “disgusting”.

However, there are those relationships that actually do work out and that actually revolve around love and not like the “pervert” or “cougar” type.

Successful Hollywood Relationships/Marriages

Here are some Hollywood marriages that have these kinds of relationships but they are actually happy and content because of love, and nothing else:

  1. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones – Michael is older than Catherine by 25 years, but they are both happily married and have been for a long time. Their relationship is one of Hollywood’s strongest couples.
  2. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey – Mariah is older than Nick by 11 years, but they truly love each other, which is why they got married after just a few months of dating. They have now celebrated three years of marriage, and have been blessed with a beautiful set of twins.
  3. René Angelil and Céline Dion – René is 26 years older than Céline. They met when Céline was only 12, and René was 38. He started out as her manager, before becoming her love interest. They got married in 1994 and now have three children. Their relationship is also one of Hollywood’s strongest.
  4. Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness – Deborra is 14 years older than Hugh Jackman. They met in 1995, and got married a year after. Despite their huge age gap, these two have been successfully married for a long time and are also one of Hollywood’s strongest couples.

Why Do Older Women and Younger Men Get Together?

Why Do Older Women and Younger Men Get Together?

Younger Men Dating Older Women in Hollywood

datingolderwomen  Why Do Older Women and Younger Men Get Together?There are several movies wherein older women fall in love and get together with younger men, for example, movies like “Because I Said So” and “Something’s Gotta Give”. There are also real life Hollywood couples where the woman is older than the man, such as, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (Demi is 15 years Ashton’s senior), and Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins (Susan is 12 years older than Tim).

Older women/younger men relationships are the perfect scenario for those younger men who are looking for women who they don’t need to take care of, and for those older women who don’t need and want men to take care of them. Relationships between an older woman and a younger man may seem weird to some people, but this kind of love, called cougar love, is not unusual and not uncommon nowadays, like it used to be before. So, is age really just a number?


Here are some reasons why younger men dating older women are a trend nowadays, therefore making it not impossible to happen:

  1. Thanks to the very much advanced technology nowadays in body and facial alterations, as well as facial washes and facial cream that have been proven to prevent aging, women are now looking younger than their actual age. Older women are also now looking younger due to their fit body, thanks to the availability of several gyms, thus hiding their true age even more.
  2. Younger men often find dating older women more interesting, as they are more financially settled, more experimental and fun to engage into conversations with.
  3. They could actually be in love with each other. It isn’t impossible for an older woman to fall in love with a younger man, or for a younger man to fall in love with an older woman. Who knows? They might have known each other for a long time, but only associated each other as friends, until their relationship bloomed into a romantic one. Falling in love isn’t impossible, and when it comes to love, there certainly aren’t any boundaries.
  4. Younger men are physically more attractive due to their fit bodies, muscular arms, bright eyes, and sparkling smiles. These are all plus points for women of all ages, and that’s why many women swoon over cute, hot guys, especially Hollywood hunks like Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, and many more.
  5. Several older women get into relationships with younger man to prove that age is just a number, because they are able to attract younger men.
  6. Girls just wanna have fun. The song speaks for itself. Most women, especially those at an old age, yearn for fun in their lives, because being at an old age makes them stressed, cranky, moody, and more, especially when they are at the menopause stage in their lives. So, the fun for them is dating younger men.


Younger men make women feel younger. Of course, what else would make a woman feel younger better than being with a younger man? It is common for women to not like being branded as old or older.  Even women at a younger age, as young as 25 or 30 don’t want to get the idea that they are growing older, and that is why companies that are famous for their facial anti-aging creams, such as Olay, have now created anti-aging facial creams for women as young as 20, to avoid aging at an early age.

Dating Older Women

Dating Older Women

datingolderwomen Dating Older WomenWith older dating stereotypes growing fainter everyday, dating older women no longer has the stigma attached to it that it once did. This is good for both men and women as age truly is just a number. It is unfortunate to think that so many people let a little age discrepancy, ego, and traditional clichés get in the way of what could have been a great match for themselves. Older women offer many things that men just can’t find with the younger ladies out there today. For some reason society has long accepted this weird cliché that women mature much faster than men do and subsequently an older man dating a younger women was seen as not only acceptable, but encouraging or natural. I don’t accept these premises. Any maturity discrepancy one way or the other is very small between the sexes, and there is no good reason that a mature young man should feel uneasy about dating older women.

Advantages of Dating Older Women

There are many advantages to dating older women. Not the least of which is the fact that young females today suffer from more insecurities than ever before. There are likely a myriad of reasons for this, and many of them are the fault of men themselves, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying for someone to spend a whole evening having to affirm obvious things for a date. In my experience when you are dating older women, they have come to accept their strengths and weaknesses (at least much more so than their younger counterparts) and consequently are much more confident. Another advantage of dating older women is the fact that they will not always depend on you to fit the bill. They are usually much more financially secure and are not attached to the usual roles that are responsible for emptying the wallets of men everywhere.

Challenges of Dating Older Women

While there are many advantages of dating older women there are also some general downside to dating older women in my experience as well. First and foremost, older women are generally dating with the specific goal in mind. If you are not ready for true commitment, then it can be difficult just “dating for fun” if you plan on dating older women. Keep in mind that these women often have challenging careers and a full life. They usually don’t depend on dating as a source of entertainment, or for building their self-worth. This means that they don’t “need” to date as a general rule as much as younger women do. It is also usually harder to impress women who have been wined and dined before. They have more life experience and aren’t impressed as easily as women that are going through things for the first (or second, third, etc) time. This can put a lot of pressure on a guy who is on a budget, yet wants to try and impress a lady. All and all, I believe that dating older women is great if you are at a spot in your life where you want to get serious and are sick of insecurities.

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