The Advantages and Disadvantages of Younger Men Dating Older Women

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Younger Men Dating Older Women

datingolderwomen The Advantages and Disadvantages of Younger Men Dating Older WomenMen dating younger women have been a trend and a usual thing for decades, and it still is famous nowadays. However, this normal relationship is not the only trend happening today. Younger men dating older women have also now made its way into the list of relationship styles. Celebrities have experienced being in a cougar relationship, and now a lot of other people are willing to try it too.

Dating Older Women | Hollywood

Some of Hollywood’s famous cougar relationships consist of:

  1. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher – She is 15 years his junior. They have been together for a long time now, and although they managed to squash rumors of their marriage not working out, the rumors did come true recently, due to Ashton’s cheating scandals.
  2. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon – She is 11 years his junior. They got married after only a few months of being in a relationship. However, their relationship seems to be going well nowadays since they just recently celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary and have been blessed with two wonderful twins.
  3. Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman – She is 14 years his junior. They met in 1995, and despite their huge age difference, they showed that age is just a number by getting married a year after they met. Now, the two are one of Hollywood’s strongest couples.

Some cougar relationships successfully work out, while some do not. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a cougar relationship.

The Advantages

  1. Older women aren’t looking for a relationship where they can get married again and settle down, especially when they have had previous marriages that have failed continuously. Some men enjoy dating older women because they are either afraid of commitment or just want to have fun, or they just want to be practical rather than doing and following the normal routine.
  2. Older women are more financially stable. Most men have the fear of being committed in a relationship due to the fact that girls and younger women are very high maintenance and usually request for a lot of things, therefore costing the man a lot of money to spend. However, in the case of younger men dating older women, the women in the relationship are more financially stable; therefore, men can depend on their girlfriends for once, not having to spend all the time. Older women are also better in financial management and can help their younger boyfriends with their budget too.
  3. Younger men obviously still have a lot of energy for sex. This is what a lot of older women look for and somehow can’t live without, because older men don’t have the capability anymore to do so when they reach a certain age.

The Disadvantages

  1. Children – If older women have children from a previous marriage or relationship, will their younger boyfriends be able to handle the idea of being the “father figure” to their girlfriend’s children who are most likely going to be the same age as them? Also, everyone does grow up eventually, therefore, what will happen when men want to have children of their own but can’t fulfill that dream due to the fact that their girlfriend has already been through menopause?
  2. The Golden Years – As previously mentioned above, everyone grows up. What will happen when the older woman reaches the golden age of 60, have wrinkles and become incapable of having sex?
  3. Is this your mother? – Isn’t it embarrassing when men are out on a date with their older girls, and a friend or acquaintance comes and asks, “So, this is your mother?” What happens now?

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