Tips for Guys Dating Older Women

Tips for Guys Dating Older Women

datingolderwomen Tips for Guys Dating Older WomenIntroduction

Younger men dating older women are no longer an issue in today’s society, than it would have been more than 20 years ago. A lot of people, including celebrities, are now experiencing being in a cougar relationship. Older women like younger men because they are more fun and are less demanding and clingy compared to older men. However, respect, compatibility and communication are still important factors in a relationship because this is still a woman you are dating, despite of the age gap. Age is just a number after all. Dating older women will take some adjusting for the guy, as it is more common for men to date girls younger than them, but closer to their age.

Tips for Men

Here are some tips for guys to maintain a successful relationship with their older counterpart.

  1. Do not let the woman’s success get in the way of your relationship. It is usually the guy who should be the breadwinner, but because you are dating an older woman, it is normal and expected that she is more successful in life than you are. This is a fact that you have to live with, so don’t be disturbed, offended, or let your pride and ego get in the way because you chose to be with a woman older than you.
  2. It is normal that the woman in your relationship has more experience than you, so, she obviously will have more knowledge about you, and will also be more wise and mature. However, do not take this against her. You chose to love an older woman, therefore, you still have to cherish, love and respect her like you should. Do not tease her about her age. If you were just going to tease your girlfriend due to her old age, then you shouldn’t have fallen for a cougar in the first place.
  3. Women are sensitive when it comes to age. If you truly love and care for her, you will not notice the age too much that it becomes a problem in your relationship. If you really love her, you will see her beauty that no one else sees; therefore, you should compliment her and make her feel young. However, do not bother feeding her with compliments, let alone prolong your relationship with her if you can’t be truthful to her.
  4. Do not be childish. Do not be concerned about your age, because the woman is also aware of the age gap, so if it doesn’t bother her, then it shouldn’t bother you. If she chose you, then it’s because she liked something about you, and it definitely won’t be your immatureness. You can bring out the youth in your older girlfriend, but you should not bring out the little boy in you, because that is a turn off, no matter how old your girlfriend is. You should just be your fun self that made her fall in love with you. Just leave out the immature act. However, she may also have chosen you because she wants to feel young again. You can make her feel young again without having to be immature and childish. Doing so might be a little bit too over the top. Also, it’s not proper etiquette.


She still has feelings. She may be older, but she is still a woman and a girl in her own right and girls are more vulnerable when it comes to feelings. She might not be as obsessive and dramatic as younger girls may be sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect her feelings.

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